Posh Pancakes, How To Make ‘Em And The Way To Toss ‘Em!

I’m sure homemade pancake mix are ordinarily eaten on Shrove Tuesday which just isn’t right until the eighth March, but I can’t resist submitting this recipe which I attempted to fob off at a current dinner party as Crepes la mûre.

“What’s that then,” said one of our plain speaking friends. “Posh pancakes?”

The title did not get it done for him, however the pancakes ended up tasty so I am sharing it below. It is possible to use nearly any fruit, I just take place to have an abundance of blackberries.

1st off you require to generate the batter. This will likely make about eight pancakes which include a little taster which I share while using the pet dog.


4oz (100g) basic flour.

50 % a Pint (250ml) of milk.

1 Egg

Pinch of Salt

(Sue’s suggestion: After i accustomed to make pancakes for that little ones I utilized more flour to help make thicker pancakes. This was a superb filler and stopped them raiding the pantry when my again was turned!)

Pancakes are historically served with sugar, lemon or oranges which in my opinion remain the most effective, but hey, we’re carrying out posh pancakes right here so this is the…

The posh Little bit

Carefully stew 50 % a pound or so blackberries inside of a little honey and drinking water, (or greater nevertheless brandy!). Maintain warm till all pancakes are cooked.

Cooking the minimal blighters

Acquire it from me, this can be the tricky little bit! Acquiring scraped fragments of charred batter from stove tops and kitchen floors on innumerable events, I am now one thing of the skilled at pancake cooking! So in this article goes:

Heat the frying pan and acquire it actually scorching.

Rub everything about with all the greasy wrapper from a block of lard or margarine. (When you desire just soften a little piece of fats or oil in the course of the pan, but not a lot of!).

When it really is truly scorching pour in a very pair of tablespoons of batter. (I have batter in the jug, causes it to be simpler to pour).

Tilt the pan to distribute the batter.

It should really only take a minute or so to acquire the pancake brown. You’ll be able to normally notify since the edges start to carry.

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